BI 4.0/4.1 Java Platform Support

InfoBurst Platform builds 130 and earlier offer the Java connection type for BI 4.0/4.1 platforms. InfoBurst uses the BI 4.x Java SDK when this connection type is selected. SAP no longer supports the Java SDK with patches or updates in BI 4.0/4.1 and the Java SDK is not present in BI 4.2. No patches will be issued for Java-related issues in InfoBurst.

If you have an existing Java platform, we recommend updating to build 231 or later where the Java connection will automatically switch to Web Service. Switching connection types is a major change. We do not recommend updating to build 231+ or changing the connection type in a pre-231 build in your production environment without first qualifying the change in test. We recommend testing all production Bursts and XDCs in a test environment before updating production. InfoSol can offer assistance with cloning your production repository for use in your test environment. Please contact InfoSol Helpdesk for details.

BI4 File Synchronization is no longer required after updating to Build 231 or later.

Builds 231 and later will not allow creation of a new Platform using version BI 4.0. Existing BI 4.0 platforms will remain and continue to function after a 23x update.

To check your build version, select Help-About (see Version).

To check the Platform connection type, select Settings > Platform Configurations (see Connection Type)

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