This article describes the process to back up the InfoBurst server environment. This process assumes the server hosting InfoBurst is a virtual machine. Please open a help desk ticket for guidance if the server hosting InfoBurst is not virtual.


  • Schedule frequent backups of the InfoBurst database repository. We recommend weekly backups at a minimum and nightly backupsy backups if possible.
  • No Bursts or XDCs should be running during the backup process

Backup & Restoration Process

Pre-Update Backup

  • Stop the InfoBurst service
  • Back up (snapshot) the virtual machine hosting InfoBurst
  • Back up the InfoBurst database repository
  • Start the InfoBurst service

Backup Restoration

  • Stop the InfoBurst service
  • Restore the InfoBurst database repository backup
  • Restore the virtual machine snapshot
  • Start the InfoBurst service

SQLite Repository Users

If the repository type is SQLite and a virtual server backup is not possible, then back up the SQLite repository manually or via schedule.

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