This article describes the process to back up the InfoBurst Platform server environment.


  • Schedule a weekly backup of the InfoBurst Platform application server and database repository. A nightly backup is ideal.
  • No Bursts or XDCs should be executing during the backup process.

Backup Process


  • Stop the InfoBurstPlatform service
  • Back up the InfoBurst database repository
  • Re-start the InfoBurstPlatform service

Application Server

  • Stop the InfoBurstPlatform service
  • Back up the InfoBurst application root folder (default = C:\Program Files\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform)
  • Re-start the InfoBurstPlatform service

Where applicable, back up the InfoBurst application server via imaging or virtual machine snapshot. This type of backup ensures both InfoBurst application root folder and server dependencies like ODBC connections and file mappings are maintained. Imaging will not back up the InfoBurst database repository unless the database server and repository reside on the InfoBurst server. Back up the repository in conjunction with server imaging. Consult your Windows/server administrator for details on server imaging.

Backup Restoration

Please consult InfoSol Help Desk via support ticket before restoring a back. Backup restoration or software version rollback will depend on the backup method employed and how InfoBurst is used.

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