This article describes the process of updating an existing InfoBurst installation.

Build 240 Users: Moving to 64-bit InfoBurst (2021.1 or later) is considered a migration (not update). Please review 64-bit Migration prior to installing a 64-bit version.



  • Always update to the current version. Fixes are only issued for the current version.
  • Updates are cumulative. No need to update incrementally.
  • Fully test and qualify a new version before updating in production. We recommend testing all production Bursts, XDCs, and dashboards. InfoSol can offer assistance with restoring a copy of your production repository for use in your test environment. Please contact InfoSol Help Desk for details.

Update Process

  • Ensure no jobs are running (Bursts or XDCs) during the update process. This can be accomplished by stopping the InfoBurst service. The service will be started automatically upon completion of the update. 
  • Right-click the installation file and select Run as administrator (if applicable)
    • Windows protected your PC: Based on Windows security, some environments may display message Windows protected your PC. Select More info then Run anyway to start the installation. 
  • Select Next on InfoBurst Setup Wizard Screen
  • InfoBurst Service Account: The Windows user account assigned to run the InfoBurst service during initial installation will be used to update the service as part of the InfoBurst update process. If the service account has changed since installation, then check the service account after the InfoBurst update (Windows Services > InfoBurst > Log On) and update the account if required.
  • Files in Use: Select OK if this message appears
  • Select Install

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