This article describes the process of updating the InfoBurst Platform.


  • Back up the InfoBurst Platform system
  • Download the appropriate update file to the InfoBurst Platform server


  • Always update to the current build. Fixes are only issued for the current build.
  • Updates are cumulative. No need to update incrementally.
  • Fully test and qualify new builds before updating in production. We recommend testing all production Bursts, XDCs, and Apps. InfoSol can offer assistance with cloning your production repository for use in your test environment. Please contact InfoSol Help Desk for details.

Update Process

  • Ensure no jobs are running (Burst/XDCs) during the update process
    • This can be accomplished by stopping the InfoBurst service. The service will be started automatically upon completion of the update.
  • Right-click the update file and select Run as administrator (if applicable) to execute the update