This article describes the process to perform a new installation of InfoBurst (versions 2021.1.2 and later). See Applying an Update for instructions for updating an existing InfoBurst installation.



  • Right-click the installation file and select Run as administrator (if applicable)
  • Select Next on the Prerequisites Setup Wizard to install the required Microsoft .NET Framework (if applicable). .NET Framework installation may require a server restart.
  • Select Next on InfoBurst Setup Wizard Screen
  • In-Place Migration from Build 240: Review 64-bit Migration before proceeding if the current InfoBurst version is Build 240
  • Select I accept the terms of the License Agreement then select Next
  • Select Next to install in default folder. Select Change to install in directory other than default, then select Next.
  • Windows Service Credentials: Enter a Windows administrator account to run the InfoBurst service. This step is recommended but not required. The service account can be applied post-installation if necessary.
  • Repository Management: A blank SQLite repository is created for new installations
    • An alternate database repository can be created in SQL Server or Oracle post-installation if required
    • For in-place 64-bit migration, a blank SQLite repository is not created. The installation will automatically use the repository previously used by Build 240
  • Select Install

The InfoBurst user interface will automatically be launched when the installation completes. The user interface requires an HTML5-compliant web browser (Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome) and will not be rendered properly if launched in Internet Explorer.


Apply License Key

The Server IID file required to obtain a key can only be generated after installation is complete. The server will function for 30 days without a key. See License Management for licensing instructions.

User Log In

  • Browse to http://<SERVER>:8554
  • Enter default credentials (Username: admin, Password: admin)

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