This article describes how to create and manage a delivery.

Manage Deliveries

Create a Delivery

  • Select the Deliveries tab
  • Select green plus button to add a new (blank) delivery
  • Select the down arrow and From Template to add a delivery using a Delivery Template

Disable/Enable a Delivery
  • Select the green icon to disable
  • Select the red icon to enable

Configure a Delivery
  • Name: Enter a name
  • Destination: Select and configure a destination
  • Format: Select and configure a format
  • Delivery Conditions: Define a delivery condition
  • Email Notification: Configure an email notification

Delivery Conditions

Control if a delivery is executed based on one or more conditions.

Usage Examples

  • A document is burst for cities New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. Reports for New York and London are to be delivered to email recipients. Condition for the email delivery is defined as City IN LIST New York;London. Reports for Tokyo and Sydney are to be delivered to a network share. Condition for the network share delivery is defined as City IN LIST Tokyo;Sydney.
  • A document contains variable Revenue. Delivery should only occur if Revenue exceeds $5000. Set a data delivery condition accordingly.

Report Data
  • Select From Data
  • Enter a cell value (example = Sheet1@C4) containing the target data
    • Requires one-time publication to Excel format to identify target cell
    • Data cell should be re-evaluated and condition updated if format changes and affects target cell location
    • Recommendation: Mirror target field on dedicated report tab where formatting will not change
  • Select an operator
  • Select the green plus button to add the condition

List Editor

For in list and not in list operators, a list editor is displayed to manage the list of values.
  • Enter a list value in the bottom field and select keyboard Enter to add the value
  • Select the 9000_041.png button to sort in ascending order
  • Select the 9000_042.png button to sort in descending order
  • Select the 9000_043.png button to check for duplicate values and optionally remove them
  • Select a value and then select the red x button to remove the value

See Also

Suppress Delivery of Empty Reports

Email Notification

Send an email notification with optional content link to content consumers.

Create an Email Notification
  • Select Email Notification
  • Configure users from to designate recipients
  • Select the green plus button to add user selection to the Recipients list
  • Include links to content: Include a hyperlink to delivered content
  • Message: Include a custom message