This article describes how to create and manage a Delivery. Each item in a Burst can have one or more Deliveries to various destinations in various formats.

Manage Deliveries

Select the Burst item then select the Deliveries panel.


Select the + icon to create a Delivery. Select the gear icon to add a Delivery using a Template.


Select the x icon to disable or enable a Delivery.


Select the page icon to make a copy of a Delivery.


Select the trash icon to delete a Delivery.

Configure a Delivery

  • Name: Enter a name
  • Destination: Select and configure a destination
  • Format: Select and configure a format
  • Delivery Conditions: Define a delivery condition (if applicable)

Delivery Conditions

Control if content is delivered based on one or more conditions. Content will not be delivered when the condition is false. A Delivery can have multiple conditions.

Report Data (Recommended)

Set the Delivery Condition based on data within the document. For example, a document contains variable Revenue. Delivery should only occur if Revenue exceeds $5000. Set a data delivery condition accordingly. See Suppress Delivery of Empty Reports for more detail.


InfoBurst uses Excel internally to evaluate the data condition. Please review the following requirements and recommendations before using this Delivery Condition type:

  • Publish the document in Excel format (one time only) to identify the target worksheet and cell
  • Data cell should be re-evaluated and condition updated if format changes and affects target cell location
  • Burst item does not require an Excel Delivery for this purpose
  • WebI Recommendation: Mirror target field on dedicated report tab where formatting will not change

Add a Delivery Condition

  • Condition Type: Report Data
  • Worksheet: Enter the worksheet name
  • Cell: Enter the target cell
  • Condition: Enter a OPERATOR + VALUE (e.g. >5000)

='New York'
>Greater Than>5000
<Less Than<5000
>=Greater Than or Equal To
<=Less Than or Equal To<=5000
<>Not Equal To<>5000
inIn List

in('New York','London')

not inNot In Listnot in('New York','London')
likeLikelike 'London'
not likeNot Likenot like 'London'

No Delivery Email Notification

When Destination is Email, it is possible to send an email notification to recipients when the Delivery Condition is false. Configure the Delivery Condition then select Destination and add a message in Message (If No Delivery). Custom subject can be configured in Burst Item Settings using Email Subject (If No Delivery).

Document Context 

Set the Delivery Condition based on value(s) for which a document is refreshed (burst). For example, a document is burst for cities New York and London. Only the New York report should be sent to email recipients. Condition for the email delivery is State=New York. Only the London report should be sent to SharePoint. Condition for the SharePoint delivery is State=London.

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