Use a Template to define a common Delivery then use the Template when creating a new Burst Delivery. Update the Template and the change will be reflected in any Burst that uses the Template. Any field not defined in the Template can be edited at Delivery-level.

A Template is required for Content Grouping.


The various items that can be used in a Burst may have varying formats. The Temple is not aware of the item type for which it will be used. Ensure the Format in the Template is valid for the target Burst item.

Create a Template

To create an object, select Manage then a folder.
  • Select New > Template
  • Name: Enter a name
  • Configure Destination and Format options
  • Select the Save button

Add a Delivery from Template

To add a Burst item Delivery using a Template, first select the Burst item then select the gear icon.

Template Delivery

A Delivery that uses a Template can be identified by opening the Delivery and checking the top right corner. A Delivery from Template will display the Template icon and name.