This article describes Extra Columns and their various uses. A tabular data source used to supply bursting parameter or filter values may contain extra columns of information. This information can be used for custom file/folder naming, email subjects, passwords, and more.

Support tabular data sources:

Usage Example

In this example a document has a parameter Enter Customer State:. Scenario requirements include:

  • Derive a list of states from a database table to burst a document based on parameter Enter Customer State:
  • Deliver resulting states documents to a network share
  • Name documents using both the state value and corresponding region value for that state

Region is not a parameter in the document. The region value cannot be passed for folder or file naming using a parameter macro. Region is a column in the table from which the state values are derived. The region value can be derived with the state value then used to name the file.

Data Source and Query

A database table contains the following:


The following query returns the state and region columns.

SELECT state,region FROM table

Apply the Data Source

The query can be applied as either a Document Source (recommended) or Parameter Source.

Configure the Delivery

The parameter macro and extra column macro are used in the File Name field of the Network Share destination to define the desired file name.

Macros: [=Enter Customer State:] - [%region]

Result: California - 2

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