This article describes post-processing functions available for Excel format outputs.

Add a Post Processing Function

  • Select the green plus button to add a function

Auto Filter

This function adds an auto-filter menu to data block columns.
  • Function: Select Auto Filter
  • Apply to sheets: Select the sheet(s) to which to apply the auto filter function
  • Position Filter Row: Check this option to define the column header/filter row
    • Row: Enter a row number on which to apply the function
    • Header Range: Enter a cell range on which to apply the function
      • Use this option to target a single column instead of an entire row
      • Example: C2:C8 (where C2 is the column header and C3:C8 contain the data)

Sample worksheet where auto-filter is applied to entire row:




This function creates groupings by row based on a select column.

  • Function: Select Group
  • Apply to sheets: Select the sheet(s) to which to apply the group function
  • First row is the header row: Specify whether the first row is a header row
  • Grouping column: Specify column on which to group values
  • Function requires the report table be positioned such that no space exists between the table and top and left edges page.


Example of relative positioning in Web Intelligence:


Print Title Rows

This function repeats the defined title row(s) on each printed page.
  • Title Rows: Row or range of rows representing title rows

Auto Fit Columns

Auto-fit columns to cell contents