This article describes how to configure and manage the InfoBurst Portal. InfoBurst Portal settings are located under System > Configuration > Portal.

Create Portal Root Folder(s)

One or more portal root folders must be created before content can be delivered to the portal. A Burst delivery cannot create a root folder.

Create Portal Root Folder

  • Select PortalFolders
  • Select Create Folder
  • Enter a folder name
  • Press Enter key to create folder


A folder created under a portal root folder is called a sub-folder. Sub-folders can be created via Configuration or dynamically via Burst delivery.

Create Sub Folder

  • Select a portal folder
  • Select Create Folder
  • Enter a folder name
  • Press Enter key to create folder

Folder Access

To grant access on a portal folder:

  • Select the folder
  • Select the Access Control button
  • Set View access for one or more groups
  • Select OK

The Report Consumer role is recommended for users accessing the portal. Non-Administrator InfoBurst users delivering to a portal folder must first be granted access to the folder.

Folder Renaming

Renaming a portal folder is not permitted due to potential impact on Burst deliveries that reference the folder.

Set Portal Storage Location

Portal content is stored on disk. By default, the portal storage location is the _Portal folder located in the InfoBurst application root folder (default = C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform). You can optionally set a different portal storage location. 

  • Enter a folder path
  • Select Save

Change Portal Storage Location

The Portal Storage Location cannot be changed via the user interface after content has been delivered to the portal. The storage location can be changed via command line. All content stored in the current location will be automatically migrated to the new location when the location is updated. The storage location should only be changed when no bursts are actively delivering content to the portal.

This process requires a restart of the server hosting InfoBurst. We recommend executing this process during a time when a server restart is feasible.

  • Open a command prompt (Run as administrator)
  • Change directory to the application root folder (default = C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform)
  • Enter ibportal
  • Enter 02 (change portal file storage)
  • Enter new storage path at prompt New Storage Folder ?
  • Restart the InfoBurstPlatform service

Portal Storage Backup

It is recommended the folder used for portal storage be backed up on a regular basis.

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