When a SharePoint environment uses multi-factor authentication (MFA), SharePoint users must provide a dynamically-generated code to access SharePoint. InfoBurst can authenticate to a SharePoint MFA environment using App-Only authentication. This SharePoint authentication method grants access to the SharePoint application. No user Platform Credentials are required using this method.

Client Secret Expiry

A Client Secret expires after 12 months by default. Upon expiry a new Client ID and Client Secret must be generated, access granted to the appropriate site collection(s), and the Client ID and Client Secret update in InfoBurst. A Client ID and Secret may be issued for up to three years. Consult your SharePoint administrator. 

SharePoint Configuration

SharePoint can be configured to allow InfoBurst to bypass MFA using App-Only authentication. This requires SharePoint to generate a Client ID and Client Secret to be used by InfoBurst. SharePoint must also be configured to allow InfoBurst access to write to and read from the target SharePoint site(s).

Client ID/Secret generation and access configuration are detailed in the following Microsoft article. Please review this documentation with your SharePoint administrator before making any changes to ensure the changes are supported and conform to your SharePoint security requirements.

Granting access using SharePoint App-Only

InfoBurst Configuration

  • Create a new SharePoint Platform (or open existing)
  • Locate Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Enter the Client ID and Client Secret in the second field
  • Select Save

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