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Audit Reports in IBE

Please create audit reports that will show for a certain date range all the bursts that ran in a date (or, those that failed in a date range) along with the error message. Currently, there is no such reporting capability available in IBE. It is a very important auditing requirement. Also, we need reports on which bursts are using which webi documents and schedules for the bursts. There is no way to extract any information from the IBE database directly either.


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I just opened a ticket to get the SQL behind the Help>Utilities>Schedule Reports button.

InfoSol said there is no SQL because it's using objects.

The Excel document is nice but it needs a lot of formatting for any kind of analysis.

I have spent many hours trying to extract the information from the encrypted PB1 fields with no luck.

This seems like a basic thing to provide customers.

When you have a 1000 plus reports running it's critical to review the bottlenecks.

We also need to have the schedules documented for disaster recovery and auditing purposes.

Please provide a way to query the schedules.

Agree, while this 'schedule report' is helpful with testing and overall info, when filtered, due to the nested output layout , its lacking the flexibility of having all the info in one single row. 

Also, I'm not seeing whether the distribution is Split type.  I ended up using naming convention on the distribution Name field (ex:PDF/split etc) for now and was able to query repository table to identify just because of the split distribution types. 

The schedules report simplified testing process for us.  makes it easy to select the different report/distribution types for testing all possible combinations.

We hope to release Build 233 by end of September and it will include a new reporting feature. You can read about it here:

The feature will be fully documented in the Build 233 release notes.

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