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Open the burst from the Activity Log

Have the possibility to reach the bursts used in a schedule from the Acitivty Logs and/or from the Schedule.

Reason : in case a Schedule failed, we should be able to reach quickly all the details (Bursts, Event, etc...). As we have several folders, subfolders, subfolders, we spend too much time to locate the Burst, Reports, event.

This option will be really usefull if we need to rerun only 1-2 reports, instead rerunning the full burst.


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Exact scenario, though B23x made the 'Schedule' tab better by listing all bursts, only the latest 'activity log' is accessible from schedule tab.  It would benefit if the entire burst be able to open from Schedule tab itself, would simplify the critical report re-runs in case of failures during which time is critical for our business that these reports needs to be available  by, and any amount time we can save and utility that time to actually spend on resolving the issue is added value.  It saves us lot of time locating these reports and multiple places to navigate to just to go to that burst and our tight SLA time with business is impacted due to this.

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