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BI4 - Unable to connect to remote server


The following error is returned on the Users panel when attempting to validate a BI4 platform provider logon:

Logon :: Platform='DEVBI41', User='administrator' ==> BI4 Error (Error Location: Connect) (Internal Message: Make sure the WebApplicationContainerServer is running in the CMC. It must be running. The default port to connect to is 6405.) (Remote Message: Unable to connect to the remote server (0))


Using a Web Service platform, InfoBurst communicates with the BI 4.x platform via the WebApplicationContainerServer (WACS). The error indicates InfoBurst is unable to communicate with WACS. This is caused when either WACS is disabled or the WACS port is blocked by the BI 4.x server


To test connectivity to WACS from the server hosting InfoBurst:

  • Open http://[CMSServerName]:6405/biprws from a browser on the InfoBurst server 
  • If a JSON string is displayed (Chrome) or you are prompted to download biprws.json (Internet Explorer), then WACS is functioning and should be accessible by InfoBurst


Enable WACS if disabled.

Enable the WebApplicationContainerServer in the SAP Business Intelligence Central Management

  • Open the CMC
  • Select Servers
  • Select Servers List
  • Enable and start the WebApplicationContainerServer server
Please consult your BusinessObjects administrator prior to implementing this resolution.

Open access to the WACS port if blocked.

Open firewall access on the BusinessObjects server to WACS port 6405.

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Hey Leo. Thanks for the detail. We will need to gather some information to diagnose the issue. Please open a support ticket and be sure to include the following:

  • Screenshot of Platform configuration
  • Result when browsing the following URL from the InfoBurst server:  http://<BO_SERVER>:<PORT>/biprws 
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