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Could not start the Java Handler Service after 20 seconds


The following error occurs when attempting to validate platform credentials or appears in the activity log when executing a Burst or XDC.

Could not start the Java Handler Service after 20 seconds


The issue only occurs when using a BusinessObjects platform where version is BI 4.x and connection type is Java

Client. InfoBurst must start an instance of Java to communicate with BusinessObjects. Anti­virus software is

preventing Java from starting.


Disable anti­virus on the InfoBurst server or consult your server administrator about making an exception for Java

in the anti­virus settings.

SAP no longer supports their BI 4.x JAVA SDK. JAVA support has been removed in builds 231 and later. Any current platform using JAVA will be automatically switch to WEB SERVICE with the update to build 231 or later.

We do not recommend applying build 231+ in your production environment without first qualifying the build in test. We recommend testing all production Bursts and XDCs. InfoSol can offer assistance with cloning your production repository for use in your test environment. Please contact InfoSol Helpdesk for details.

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