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Source must have the same # values as other dynamic sources


The following error is returned in the Burst activity log:

Error ==> Error while generating parameters :: Dynamic source for 'CITY' has 182 values. This source must have the same # values as other dynamic sources (98)


Error occurs when attempting to multi-­pass burst a report containing multiple parameters where the lists of values

applied to the parameters do not match in number.


Ensure the value lists match in number of values.

Hi Bryan! Can you give an example of how an Excel distribution list can look? Like can you have multiple email addresses in the email column?

A data source containing email addresses can have one address per row or multiple addresses per row. If the value is semi-colon delimited, then InfoBurst will break the list up into individual email address (; If the value is comma delimited, then InfoBurst will not break up the addresses and pass the entire string to the mail server (,

The following forum contains more detail on this subject.

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