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Unparseable date


BI 4.x report refresh fails using processing mode Server Instance where report contains date prompts. No error is returned in the Activity Log. The following error is returned within the instance status logging in BusinessObjects:

Unparseable date: "2013‐01‐01T00:00:00.000+00:00"


This error is specific to the JAVA SDK in BI 4.x. The error occurs when the report uses an SAP data source. BusinessObjects does not format the data properly for SAP.


Option 1: Update to Build 231 or later

Option 2: Supply the date value in the proper format for an SAP data source.


Standard date format: 2014­01­01

SAP date format: 0010012013

(001 = month, 001 = day, 2014 = year)

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