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WBP 42029


The following error is returned in the Burst or XDC activity log during OPEN:

GetObjectByID :: Invalid Query :: An XSD Exception occurred. Attempting to invoke method  'getPluginProcessingInterface' failed:  'com.businessobjects.sdk.plugin.desktop.webi.IWebi.getPluginProcessingInterface(java.lang.Object)'. (WBP 42029) (Attempting to invoke method 'getPluginProcessingInterface' failed 


The exact cause of the error is unknown. The issue seems specific to reports that have been migrated from earlier major releases of BusinessObjects. The migration process causes an issue at the code level of the report.


Users experiencing this error report success with this procedure:

  • Open the report in InfoView/BI LaunchPad
  • Refresh the report
  • Save the report (Use the SAVE option. SAVE AS should not be used as it creates a new report object in BusinessObjects and may invalidate the reference in InfoBurst)
  • Re­-run the affected burst

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