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XI returned null view


The following error is returned in the Burst or XDC activity log during REFRESH:

Unable to get report parts. Service returned: Export :: Platform='DEVXI31', Document=QA_webi3_MVP_RefreshOnOpen, ID=92468, Format=XML ==> Export to 'C:\IBE_temp\_TMP\b35da172­4971­4860­a364­030baf3f48af\17_1593.xml' in XML format failed (XI returned null view).


The Web Intelligence report has Refresh On Open option enabled.


Disable Refresh On Open and save the report.

Hi Bryan,

Could you please explain the steps to disable the above said option.

I am unable to find it.

Please note: we are getting this error during EXPORT action.

Thank you!

Hey Pranjal. The issue described above is specific to the OPEN step of the burst where the WebI document has "Refresh On Open" enabled. Yours is likely a different issue. Please open a support ticket and be sure to attach the Burst Support Package. Thanks.

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