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SSL Registration - Incorrect Certhash registered in enable_ssl.bat

The following article describes the process to enable SSL on an InfoBurst server:

In some cases, the certhash value inserted into the enable_ssl.bat file is incorrect and results in the following error upon running the bat file:


SSL Certificate add failed, Error: 1312

A specified logon session does not exist. it may already have been terminated.

The issue is resolved in Build 232.

The issue can be worked around by manually copying the Thumbprint value from the certificate properties.

  • Locate the certificate in the Windows Console Root
  • Double-click the certificate
  • Select Details
  • Select Thumbprint
  • Copy the value
  • In a text editor open enable_ssl.bat located in the InfoBurst application root (default = C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform)
  • Delete the value after certhash= and paste in the Thumbprint value and remove all spaces in the value
  • Save enable_ssl.bat and run it again per instructions in


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