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Remove Delivery Command not working in InfoBurst Shell


The Remove Delivery command isn't working within the infoburst shell.  Whether I attempt to use the full path to the document, the document ID number or just the document name, I get the following error: 

"Command failed ==> Invalid Parameter 'document' -- Could not find the document in the Burst"

I've confirmed that the delivery is present within the burst, and the document name and path are both correct.  Here is the command that I am using:

Remove Delivery Burst="\Testing\Test Bursts\Test Burst" DocID="\Testing\Test Bursts\Test Document"


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I posted here before realizing I could submit support tickets.  D'oh!  Here's the response I got to my ticket, in case anyone else hits this wall:

"Hey Kristian. The command is failing because you are using the document path\name for DOCID. If you want to use the document name, then use the DOC option.

In the following example I have a burst called 'delete test' and it contains a document called 'Performance By State'. The document has a delivery called 'Delivery 1'.

> remove delivery burst="\test\delete test" doc="Performance By State" delivery= "Delivery 1" 

* OK"

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