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Automatically exit IBShell when a command in a script fails.


It there a setting or something that could be applied so that if a command fails to execute in an IBShell script, IBShell would immediately exit?  

I'm asking because I'm attempting to use IBShell scripts on an unattended basis to generate bursts, but if a command fails IBShell disregards the rest of the commands in the script and just sits there.  I'd like to be able to set some sort of parameter for "unattended mode" that would exit from IBShell if a command failed, and preferably return an errorlevel to the batch command line and/or a verbose error to powershell (depending on where IBShell was being run from).  

Is there a setting for this that I'm missing or is this currently not possible?

We don't have a way to do the "exit" right now but as you have seen, the script will stop processing.

Another thing for us to think about!

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Thanks for the feedback - this is a bit of a problem because if one of these unattended processes fails, it makes the entire script hang, essentially until someone notices.  I can put monitoring around the entire thing to try and reduce the amount of time it takes *to* notice, but nice error message would work better.  

If you're looking for other features to add, sophisticated error handling, the ability to build loops, and basic if-then-else logic structures would be nice, too.  ;)

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