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Build 231 - Semicolon Delimiter Results in Individually Addressed Email

The TO field in an email delivery contains multiple semicolon-delimited email addresses. This results in an email with all recipients in the TO field. In Build 231 this configuration results in individually-addressed emails.

This issue is addressed in Build 232.

Due to structural changes in Build 231, the semicolon delimiter in the above scenario will continue to result in individually-addressed emails. In Builds 232 and later a comma delimiter is required to include all delimited recipients in the email TO field.

Build 232 includes an automatic migration utility to convert any existing email deliveries that use the semicolon delimiter to a comma delimiter.


Does this mean, wherever we have existing SQL Queries returning a concatenated string of emails need to be altered to have "," instead of ";"? or is there a provision within Build 232 which makes this switch before sending emails

Hey Prasad. You are correct. Any delimited email list is impacted. Build 232 contains an automatic migration to convert any delivery-level, manually entered lists to comma. If the list comes from a query, then the query must return a comma delimited list.

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