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Enhanced Delivery Simulation in Bursts

We would like to see the Simulate Delivery feature in a burst enhanced to deliver the output of the burst to an internal recipient, similar to Test Mode for Business Objects publications.  This would allow us to see the content that will ultimately be delivered to our external recipients before the burst is scheduled so we can ensure that the format and contents are as expected.

Hey Heather. We are considering such an enhancement that we are terming 'Deferred Delivery'. The option would allow you to run the burst as normal. All content would be generated and delivered to a holding area in the InfoBurst Portal. You would go to the portal to validate the content. Once validated you could then opt to deliver content to its final destination.

We are interested to know your thoughts on such a feature.

That would be a great start, although I would like to see it go a step further and ultimately deliver the report in the intended format to a test user so we can see the actual format, etc. For example, if we are bursting to email we would like to specify an email address to simulate to so we can see that the email body/format/macros/etc. are working as expected.  Same with a user inbox delivery - we would like to be able to deliver to a test inbox or our own personal inboxes so we can see the process through from start to finish.

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