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SharePoint UPLOAD Error - Failed to list libraries - 401 Unauthorized

The following error occurs on SharePoint Upload:


Error ==> Failed to list libraries for site :: HTTP protocol error. 401 Unauthorized.

The error is inaccurate as a LIST call is made when InfoBurst connects to SharePoint and a LIST is required when configuring the delivery and selecting a document library. As the failure occurs on Upload, we suspect the file transfer is being blocked either by a local server or corporate firewall policy.

If you encounter this issue, then please report it to InfoSol support and we can help you determine if the issue is as described above.

This issue is resolved in builds 232 and later. Please update your test environment to confirm and contact support if the issue persists after the update.

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Hi Bryan,

We are getting stuck on "Allocated to Queue" when we want to send Burst output on Sharepoint.

We have configured platform with App ID and security but still having the same problem? Can you please help us to fix this issue?

Hey Sandeep. It appears you have a ticket open on this issue (#5498). I have reviewed the ticket. InfoBurst is able to connect to SharePoint, authenticate, and read information like sites and document libraries. The issue occurs when InfoBurst attempts to UPLOAD something to SharePoint. I agree with the current assessment on the ticket that the UPLOAD is being blocked by something outside InfoBurst. This suggests a networking issue and Jeremy has arranged a meeting to explain the details to your network administrators.

Sure Bryan, Just wanted check if there is any other resolution step do you have.

Thanks for the info.

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