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Joining tables in odata

I have been using the tables in odata and would like to try to join some of them.  Can these tables be joined, and if so can you provide how?

Hey Mike. Joining tables will be a function of whatever OData tool you are using. I am using Excel 2016 which includes a "Query Merge" feature to join together two table within the same workbook. I've attached a video showing the process. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Bryan, thanks for the information.  However, it is not really the process that I am asking about but how to actually join the tables.  In your example you show that you need to pick a column to join the tables on.  To be specific,  my question is if I wanted to join Schedules and Bursts what column(s) would I use?  Also, if I wanted to Merge Documents and Bursts, what column(s)?  I don't see any obvious choices. 


"my question is if I wanted to join Schedules and Bursts what column(s) would I use?"

You shouldn't need to. You will find a feed call BurstSchedules. If you load the feed in Excel, then you will find a Bursts hierarchy that you can expand to show Bursts in each schedule.


"if I wanted to Merge Documents and Bursts, what column(s)?"

Same for documents in bursts. Load the Burst feed then load the Documents hierarchy.


Ok. Got it.  It was taking a long time for burstschedules to load so I gave up. I needed more patience!  I also wasn't aware of the expand function.


Microsoft's Power BI is a nice way to visualize this data and makes it much easier to join tables resulting from OData feeds. It's a free tool.

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