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Macro - Last 10 weekdays in year

Please consider adding a macro for the last x weekdays in the year.

We are considering this for a future build.

Could you give us some examples of how this would be used?

E.G. Last10WeekDaysInYear() would go to end of year and count backwards excluding Sat/Sun ?

How about also allowing for LastXXWeekDays in a Month or Quarter?

If you could set up a macro for LastXXWeekDaysInYear(), LastXXWeekDaysInMonth(), and LastXXWeekDaysInQuarter(), I believe that would be very beneficial for scheduling. We typically use this to run reports that check for exceptions before the month end and year end reporting.

Thank you so much for considering this!


Hi Karie,

We have implemented the macros below in Builds 235 & 236



Please check out the What's New With InfoBurst section for Release Notes

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