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SharePoint upload behavior using macro with blank value

A SharePoint delivery uses a macro to create a document library sub-folder. The macro resolves a blank value. When the value is blank and no sub-folder is created, the document that should be delivered to this folder is delivered to the parent folder instead. The result of this workflow is an error similar to the following on SharePoint UPLOAD:

Error ==> Failed to add document C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform_RTS\56934\54099\0001\pdf_1\$SHAREPOINT_FileSet\DEV_WEBI42_MVP_1_Florida.pdf to Site '' using DocumentLibrary 'Documents/support/' :: There is no file with URL ' Documents/support//DEV_WEBI42_MVP_1_Florida.pdf' in this Web.

This issue is under investigation.


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This issue is resolved in InfoBurst Platform Build 234.

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