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I need a way to control 2 cache queries posting their results to the same place.  I have 1 query that retrieves Widget A detail and another query for Widget A Summary. I cannot use sql to group by and sum because the fields I am reporting are calculated and not additive.  Right now I am having both Cache queries execute on the same trigger event placing the data in different places Then using 2 identical graph components with dynamic visabiliy toggling between detail and summary views.  If I had dynamic visibility like capability for the cache query component I would only have 1 graph with 2 queries.

Hello Kenneth,

If you drop two connection objects into the dashboard (one to each cache query), then you set dynamic visibility on each and set them to refresh onload (on the connection object behavior tab...not the data connection).  That would result in what you are referring to, I think - feeding one chart with two possible sets of data depending upon a selection and dynamic visibility.  

Please let us know if this is not clear or if I misunderstood the need and we can go from there.  

Best wishes,

Amy O'Neel

Email update from Ken:

I am using infosols data connection cache query connector…. what connection are you referring to when you say "drop Two Connection objects into dashboard"

Hi Ken,

I should have called them components.  In the SAP Dashboards tool (XCelsius), if you view the Components there are 3 tabs representing 3 ways to organize components.  On the Tree tab there is a folder called Web Connectivity.  In that folder is a component called Connection Refresh Button.  That is what I meant by Connection object.  We can do a call if you would like?


Hello Ken,

Thank you for trying the suggested workaround within SAP Dashboards. 


Thank you for helping with this request. 


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