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Maximum binary output size limit reached (WIS 30271)


The following error is returned in the burst activity log during EXPORT:

Error ==> An error occurred while exporting the resource of type 'Document' with identifier '12345' (Maximum binary output size limit reached. Contact your BusinessObjects administrator. (Error: ERR_WIS_30271))


The error can occur when a file (size) published from a BusinessObjects document exceeds the WebIntelligenceProcessingServer Binary Stream Maximum Size.


Increase the Binary Stream Maximum Size limit. There is no recommended setting as file sizes can vary. Experiment with the settings.

  • Open the Business Objects Central Management Console 
  • Open Servers List 
  • Open the appropriate Business Objects server 
  • Open the Properties of the WebIntelligenceProcessingServer 
  • Edit the Binary Stream Maximum Size (MB)
  • Save and re-start the WebIntelligenceProcessingServer

Please consult your Business Objects administrator prior to implementing this solution.

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