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Email message error "EmailMessage has a maximum size of 2048.."

The following error occurs when saving a Delivery that uses Email Inbox destination:

EmailMessage has a maximum size of 2048...Value is too large

This error occurs when the character count in the message exceeds 2048 characters.

To work around the issue, you can use a Text object with the message text then reference the object in the Email Inbox delivery Message field with a macro. The Text object will accept up to 6000 characters and supports simple HTML tags for message formatting.

  • Create a Text object (New > Text)
  • Add email message text to Text object
  • Open Email Inbox delivery and reference Text object with macro [@Embed(<Text Object Path\Name>)]


Text object with name "Daily Message" resides in folder path "Bursts\Daily"

[@Embed(\Bursts\Daily\Daily Message)]

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