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double database connection string to cope with DR


I currently connect to one of our production databases to utilise the bursting power of Infoburst distributions. The issue I am facing is that when IT are testing for DR they change the tns connector. This is not a problem on my laptop as my tns has a tiered connection ie if the 1st doesn't work then use the 2nd.

Infoburst does not need or use an oracle installations so I cannot use the same tieried tns option but am forced to use a string. Either allowing an oracle install on the Infoburst server or enabling a tiered connection would resolve this for me

Current connect is ex22-scan:1522/DWPRD_BOXI and I need to use ex02-scan:1522/DWPRD_BOXI temporarily so would love the ability to use some like ex22-scan:1522/DWPRD_BOXI;ex02-scan:1522/DWPRD_BOXI and it work exactly as it does on my laptop

I hope I have explained properly




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