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Issues viewing SWF file via InfoBurst Portal

InfoBurst supports delivery of .swf files (SAP Dashboards) to the InfoBurst Portal. In previous versions of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, the .swf file rendered without issue.

The current version of Microsoft Edge (42.17134.1.0) does not initially render the .swf file. When the file is selected, Edge prompts the user to allow rendering of the Flash file. A portal user can “Allow Once” or “Allow Always.” Either selection results in Edge refreshing the page which means the portal user must re-authenticate. If the user selected “Allow Always”, then they will not be prompted when attempting to view that .swf in future sessions.

The current version of Google Chrome (74.0.3729.131) does not render the .swf file. It prompts the user to download the .swf file.

Internet Explorer 11 renders the .swf file successfully.

The Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome rendering issues are known and likely related to the end of support for Adobe Flash in 2020.

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