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Crystal EXPORT error "Max processing time or Max records limit reached"

The following error occurs on EXPORT of a Crystal document:

Error ==> Failed to Export :: Error in File 13620_27116_{B1098BDC-9A21-4845-8CB5-90DF1C76D79F}.rpt: Max processing time or Max records limit reached

The error occurs due to setting in the CrystalReports2016ReportApplicationServer that limits the number of records which can be returned by a query:

  • Log into the BusinessObjects CMC
  • Open the Properties of the CrystalReports2016ReportApplicationServer
  • Under Crystal Reports 2016 Viewing and Modification Service, locate Number of database records to read..
  • Change the setting to -1 
  • Save and re-start CrystalReports2016ReportApplicationServer 
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