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WebI Excel CSV EXPORT error "System.OutOfMemoryException"

Format for a WebI document delivery is Excel CSV. The following error occurs during EXPORT when the WebI document contains a large volume of data:


This issue is under investigation.


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BusinessObjects does not provide an option to export WebI as CSV via the SDK used by InfoBurst. InfoBurst must extract Excel then convert it to CSV. The error can occur when the volume of data to be processed exceed the amount of server memory available to InfoBurst as a 32 bit application. Moving InfoBurst to 64 bit is on the development roadmap.

Build 237 SP1 introduces an option (BI4ExportAsync) that may work around the issue for some users.

To enable BI4ExportAsync:

  • Open a command prompt (Run as administrator)
  • Change directory to the application root folder (default = C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform)
  • Enter IBConfig BI4ExportAsync True
  • Enter IBConfig to confirm the change
  • Restart the InfoBurst service
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