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Working Icon - twirl spin something

With the new UI especially with doing searches or Reference by you don't know if the system is doing anything.

If had a spinner while the system is working or thinking that would help people like me that are inpatient.

There are status indicators throughout the user interface. Do you have a specific section of the UI in mind?

When you pull up the schedules first thing in the morning it takes about 2-3 minutes.  A hourglass, spinner letting me know the system is doing "work" would help.


Manage is the same, it takes time to build the list.


When logging in schedules take time to build the list.  Would be nice to have an hourglass, spinner (windows 10) letting the user the system is doing work.


Manage list is the same it take 1-2 minutes to build the list.


Thanks for the detail. We are looking into a better status indicator in these areas for a future version.

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User interface status indicators were enhanced in InfoBurst 2022.3

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