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Version 2021.1

When will version 2021.1 be availableĀ  ? we are in the process of upgrading t BOBJ 4.3 and it looks like 240 is not supporting it yet.

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Hey Nick. We are releasing InfoBurst 2021.1.2 on 2/1/21 and it supports BI 4.3 SP01. Be advised BI 4.3 SP01 introduces an issue that affects SAP BusinessObjects FolderĀ and SAP BusinessObjects Inbox deliveries. The upload that occurs during this type of delivery fails with BI 4.3. SAP is investigating the issue. We do not recommend moving to BI 4.3 and InfoBurst 2021.1 until the issue is resolved by SAP.

BI 4.3 SP01 SAP BusinessObjects Folder and Inbox deliveries fail

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