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Automatically rerun a burst only for failed items only

Request:  We would like the ability to configure a burst to automatically re-run only the items that failed, during a schedule run.  

Value Added: This will save us time that we spend manually re-running bursts with multiple items where there are some failures.

Scenario:  A burst that contains multiple items, for example 10 items. When the burst is scheduled and runs overnight during non-business hours, and only a portion of the 10 items fail, we would like to configure the burst so it will automatically re-run, but only for the failed items.

Additional Info: For bursts with a single item, we have created "Start Burst" actions, and applied them to the "On Abort" option in the burst, and it works great in this scenario

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Burst Retry and Recovery Mode feature available starting with InfoBurst 2022.2.

InfoBurst Release Notes

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