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Discover - Burst Params


We would like to be able to schedule an export of the Burst Params in Discover. We are already doing the automated export for the burst itself but we have a business requirement to do the same for burst parameters.

I know the hyperlink feature in burst discover can show all the properties of a burst but we need to be able to automate this and export to excel for auditing purposes.

Hey Colin. Thanks for the details. The Burst is a container for one or more documents where those documents may have parameters. Are you looking for an operational report that provides information about what parameter values were used when a Burst ran? Or are you looking for a metadata report that provides all parameters in a Burst?

Discover reports are primarily designed for interactive use. We provide schedule of reports for purposes of delivery of operational reports (what ran when, status, etc.).

Email reply from user:

I do not need operation reports with the actual param values (I can look those up in the activity logs). What I need is the actual metadata.


Our requirement is to extract the metadata of the burst params that we can schedule via discover and save so that we have a daily audit. We currently do this for schedules/bursts/docs.

Also, it would be very useful if the DBConnection discover report contained the actual queries. They are available in the "interactive" mode but I need to export them all to analyse / archive for auditing purposes

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