This article describes Actions. The following Actions can be executed based on the status of a Burst, XDC, or Schedule. Actions can also be scheduled.

Create an Action
  • From the main user interface select the New button then Action
  • Name: Enter an Action name
  • Action: Select an Action type
  • Select the Add button

Create File

This action creates a file in a network share folder.

  • Name: Select the ellipsis button then select a network share
  • Name: Specify the name and extension of the file to be created
  • Content (optional): Enter file content text

Run Command

This action executes a program or batch file.

  • Command: Enter the command file to be executed
  • Directory: Select the network share containing the command file
  • Parameters: Enter any parameter(s) required by the command file

  • The network share hosting the command file must be registered prior to creating the action
  • The service account must have Execute access on the network share and command file

Run Query

This action executes a database query.

  • Query To Run: Select the ellipsis button to select a database query
  • Parameters: Enter parameter values to pass to the query (if applicable)
    • Syntax: @<PARAMETER>=<VALUE(S)>
  • Delimiter: Character used to delimit multiple parameter values

Send Email

This action sends an email notification.

  • From (optional): Enter a From address (overrides system default)
  • Subject: Enter a subject
  • Message (optional): Enter a message
  • Include Activity Log: Select to include Burst or XDC Activity Log
    • Activity Log will only be sent when action is applied at burst-level

Email Recipients
  • Send to users from: Select a source
    • Data Source
      • Select the ellipsis button and select a data source
        • For Database Query define Parameters, Delimiter and Column to use (if applicable)
        • For MultiColumn List or File List, define Column to use and Condition (if applicable)
    • Entered Value: Enter an email address manually
    • InfoBurst Group: Select an user group
    • InfoBurst User: Select an user
  • Select the green plus button to add user selection to the Recipients list

Set Trigger

This action set an InfoBurst Trigger event.

  • Event to trigger: Select the ellipsis button then select a trigger

Start Burst

This action starts a Burst.

  • Burst to start: Select the ellipsis button then select a Burst
  • Start after: Optionally set start delay (minutes)

Start Schedule

This action starts a schedule.

  • Schedule to start: Select the ellipsis button then select a schedule
  • Start after: Optionally set start delay (minutes)

Start XDC

This action starts an XDC.

  • XDC to start: Select the ellipsis button then select an XDC
  • Start after: Optionally set start delay (minutes)

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