This article describes Workflows. A Workflow is a simplified method for creating and scheduling a Burst. The Workflow guides the business user through selection of a data source, assignment of parameter values, selection of output format and destination, and scheduling all in one wizard-style interface.

Workflows do not include more advanced Burst and Schedule features like content grouping, actions and events. We recommend not restricting a user to Workflows if they require such features.

Workflow Interface

A non-Administrator user with one or more Workflows enabled will only see a simplified version of the InfoBurst user interface and will only have access to create Workflow objects. Users with no Workflows selected will have access to create any available workflows and will have access to the full user interface.

To restrict a user to one or more Workflows, open the user's account and select the desired Workflow(s).


Available workflows include:


The Unwrap Workflow option extracts all Workflow component parts (e.g. Document/Query, Burst, Schedule) into a folder named with Workflow name. This option is not available to Workflow-only users.