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Tableau Workbook REFRESH error "java.lang.RuntimeException"

The following error occurs on REFRESH of a Tableau Workbook (TWB):

java.lang.RuntimeException: Error happens when downloading reduced workbook for 15

The error occurs when the Tableau Workbook uses a live data source (TDE). Due to limitations in the Tableau SDK, only a Tableau Workbook that uses an extract data source can be refreshed via InfoBurst.

This issue has been reported to Tableau development. This forum will be updated if a fix for this issue is released.

Has this been fixed?  I see its from 2 years ago.

What InfoBurst build are you using when you see this error?


A workaround for this issue was introduced a few builds ago so I can't say in this forum why you are seeing the error. Please open a support ticket and be sure to include the Burst Support Package. (see Burst/XDC)

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