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Schedule: First Weekday in Month

How do I set up a schedule to burst out a report on the first workday/weekday (M-F) of the month?

Hey Chad. This is achievable using the Using Macro schedule frequency.

  • In the schedule select Frequency > Using Macro
  • Configure the Start At time
  • Enter the [FIRSTMONINMONTH] macro in the macro field and select the green plus button to add
  • Add/save the schedule

This macro will resolve to the first Monday of each month.

You can see a full list of available Date macros here:

Does this address your requirement?

You can also select the icon next to the macro field. It will open the Macro Builder which will also display a list of Date macros and they various usages.

That gives me the first Monday, but is there a way to give me the first weekday regardless if it is Monday, Tuesday, etc?

My apologies Chad. I misunderstood the requirement. The following macro will give you the first weekday of the month:


K means weekday. The +0 tells InfoBurst to use the first weekday.

No worries, this is fantastic, thank you! I couldn't figure this one out. This was very helpful, thank you.

Is there anyway to do second weekday of month? I was able to successfully do first weekday of month with the macro above. Thanks!

Hey Jonathan. [FIRSTDAYINMONTH+2K] will give you the second weekday in each month.

Bryan, that will give you the second weekday if the first is on a weekend.  If the first is on a work day, then it would return the 3rd workday.  Is there another way to return the Xth business day of the current month?

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