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Ability remove the application of local time to InfoBurst timestamps

Local time is used when logged into InfoBurst through a local PC.  However, log records show the timestamp from the InfoBurst server. E.g. a job that is schedule for   For locations a few time zones apart, such as locally in California and a server in New York, the scheduled burst will show 7:00AM but the log will show the true time of the burst on the server, 4:00AM. 

It would be convenient to have the ability to select between server and local time.  Other issues occur when configuring a schedule to run every hour.  In the above example the only way to currently do this to log into the InfoBurst server and create the schedule.  If the schedule is created on a local PC, the hours after the converted midnight which is three hours later in local time will be eliminated from the schedule. 

Troubleshooting would be easier to see the execution time and the scheduled time in the same time zone instead of two different time zones and having to apply the difference to the log file.

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