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Email encryption

Since most email servers now require encryption even on SMTP, it would be great if we have the ability for the SMTP traffic to be encrypted with SSL or TLS.

Hey Joe. Thank you for the suggestion. This is not a feature we are considering for InfoBurst at this time.

Have a nice day.

Any changes on the plan for TLS or SSL enabled email encryption?

Hey Sai. Are you referring to an internal SMTP server or a cloud service? If cloud, which one?

I am referring to smtp server. we noticed that all the emails that are originating are being flagged as anonymous senders and were thinking about setting up authentication to smtp using TLS to pass id and password.

If your SMTP server requires/support authentication, then you can set up mail server credentials under System > Configuration > Category:Email:



You ask about TLS support. I asked what specific SMTP service you are using. Can you provide the name of the service and do you know if it explicitly supports or requires TLS?

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