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Activity Logs issue after upgrade

We have some issues with Activity Logs for previosly run Burst. Its not showing any log details in New UI but for same burst its showing log details in Flex-UI. We are looking for 7days activity logs for some burst and has this issue for many burst.

Do you have any fix for this issue. Let me know if you need more details or I can raise new Incident ticket for same.

Why dont we have Yesterday and 3day history option. Its Today or 7days thats hard to see details for each burst.

Its Production Issue and we need to fix it before monthEnd.  PFA files for same.

Another observation is that we are not able to see Activity History updated for selected burst .Attached Image for same.

(151 KB)
(52.4 KB)
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Hey Amit. Please see the following forum:

If the issue persists after following these steps, then please open a ticket. Thanks.

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