Starting 2021 InfoBurst is all 64 bit

InfoBurst now supports a true 64 bit architecture with native support of 64-bit operating systems for server side components. With the release of Build 240 in July of 2020, we have all our customers upgraded to the new HTML5 User interface. Following Build 240, our releases will have a new naming convention. Our first 64 bit release, which is now on general release, is named 2021.1. The minor releases will be named as 2021.1.1 and so on. With this architecture change InfoBurst is no more limited to a 2GB memory limitation and this allows processing of much larger reports and SQL queries. 64-bit processes can utilize a lot more memory than 32-bit processes so this can greatly increase the throughput of a single process. Moving forward, all new enhancements for both UI and platform, connectivity features and bug fixes will be included only in the 64-bit version.

Here are some new features that are already a part of our current 64-bit version

  • New InfoBurst One installer for both installation and Upgrades
  • Enhanced universe connector for Tableau
  • New Business user workflows for InfoBurst Tab
  • Support of SAP BI 4.3 SP01 and above
  • Portal and Delivery review (Content Validation) nested in the user interface
  • Generate and store email messages (with content) for review without sending to actual recipients
  • Repository Switch within the user interface
  • Service restart from the user interface

XI 3.1 Support

Since XI 3.1 is a 32-bit application, BusinessObjects 3.1 customers will not be able to upgrade to 64-bit version of InfoBurst and they need to remain on Build 240 (32-bit). If you are currently in the process of upgrading your XI 3.1 systems to BI 4.x, please reach out to our helpdesk to discuss about upgrading InfoBurst to 64-bit

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