InfoBurst Platform Build 240 - Release Notes

Release DatePlatform VersionUI Version
July 15, 20202020.7.2402020.7.15


InfoBurst Platform updater and installer available here. Review Platform Requirements and update or installation articles prior to using the new build. For additional details on Build 240 features, check out the Build 240 Release Notes document attached in this post.

New Features in Build 240

HTML5 User Interface

The new user interface for InfoBurst is available in Build 240. The HTML5 User Interface is the replacement for the legacy Flash UI and will be default user interface moving forward. See the HTML5 User Interface Tutorials for additional information.

The Flash UI can be still accessed from the HTML5 UI login page and Help section. Please note Adobe ends Flash support by end of 2020. Please test all your existing Bursts, Schedules, and other workflows in your InfoBurst test system using the new UI. If you encounter any issues using the HTML5 UI, please report them via InfoSol Help Desk ticket.

New Features:

  • Analytics for Bursts, XDC’s and Schedules in a dashboard view
  • Instant access to runtime logs with enhanced troubleshooting mechanisms
  • Schedule re-runs with the option to select the failed bursts within a schedule
  • Quick access to all object and Platform references 
  • Enhanced DB Connection UI with parameter detection
  • Designate a preferred landing page and favorites folders 
  • Revamped Search module with object hyperlink from Search
  • Bulk copy, move & delete option for InfoBurst objects with multi-select options
  • Folder object count in folders 
  • Tool tips and links to InfoSol Help Desk documentation and tutorials throughout the UI
  • Search the InfoSol Help Desk and open tickets directly from the InfoBurst UI

Supported Browsers:


    Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


The HTML5 UI is accessible on port 8554. Some older InfoBurst environments that use SSL may only have SSL enabled on port 8551. If you use SSL and receive an SSL error when browsing to https://<SERVER>:8554, then you must enable SSL on port 8554.


  • Multiple query output via Data Provider CSV format
  • Assigning Templates to multiple documents in a Burst

SAP BusinessObjects

  • Support added for BI 4.2 SP08


  • Download Tableau dashboard data in Excel format
  • Apply Excel Extensions to Tableau data exported in Excel
  • Deliver Web Intelligence Universe query data as a Hyper file to Tableau
  • Support for Tableau 2020.2


Fixed & Known Issues

Visit the Report Problems forum

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