InfoBurst Platform Build 231

Release Date: October 26, 2016

Platform: 2016.10.231

User Interface:

Dashboard Connector Suite: 2.0.25

Build Overview

Build 231 begins the 2xx series of builds and is the most significant build since the first “InfoBurst 2009” release 6 years ago. The InfoBurst Platform has been migrated from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.6. This migration establishes a new foundation for the REST calls that power SAP Dashboards, InfoBurst Apps, and the upcoming HTML5 user interface. The InfoBurst Platform now supports Tableau, BI 4.2 and more.

Download & Usage

  • Software: Download the InfoBurst Platform updater or installer
  • Requirements: Review Platform Requirements for Microsoft .NET Framework and Crystal Reports requirements
  • Preparation: Review update or installation documentation prior to using the new build

Platform Support

  • BI 4.x Java Platforms: SAP no longer supports their BI 4.x JAVA SDK. Therefore, JAVA support has been removed in builds 231 and later. BI4 SDK File Synchronization is no longer necessary. Any current platform using JAVA will be automatically switch to Web Service with the update to Build 23x.. 
  • BI 4.0: New BI 4.0 platforms are not supported in builds 231 and later. Exising BI 4.0 platforms will still function. 
  • BusinessObjects XIR2: BusinessObjects XIR2 is not supported in builds 231 and later. 

New Features

Fixed Issues

  • IBE-4365: UI closes when working with XDC containing Excel
  • IBE-4363: XDC UI/Folder structure UI Breaks when adding 3rd document if the first 2 documents have beenselected by double clicking
  • IBE-4353: HTML files contain no data if delivered to WEBDAV
  • IBE-4352: MultiColumn list fails to export to Excel
  • IBE-4342: Excel password protection does not work for Excel 2007 Data Centric format
  • IBE-4312: Cannot add Burst or XDC to alert list
  • IBE-4250: Emails not grouping as expected
  • IBE-4245: BI 4.1 - Incorrect Output w/ Multi-pass Instance to PDF/Excel
  • IBE-4235: Unable to list values from referenced excel file on a sharpoint platform
  • IBE-4206: Refresh does not occur when first column is the primary column of a multi-column LOV
  • IBE-4152: XDC aborts but continues
  • IBE-4117: @first macro does not support macro concatenation
  • IBE-4341: Automatic schedule panel refresh stops refreshing
  • IBE-4341: Automatic schedule panel refresh stops refreshing
  • IBE-4331: Unhandled exception while adding a new folder to the root folder structure
  • IBE-4234: Exit button (X) unresponsive in new XDC window when in authentication Tab
  • IBE-4229: Inability to reference xlsx files for FileList object
  • IBE-4222: Extra period found in BO platform connection error message
  • IBE-4199: Object not found error when creating XDC with DB query via workspace
  • IBE-4168: New column dialogue box not disappearing when MC List is closed
  • IBE-4153: Column Totals Selecting in Cache Query CrossTab Options
  • IBE-4150: Unexpected validation behavior while creating a group
  • IBE-4130: Actions are re-ordered in Alpha order
  • IBE-1051: Schedule (TAB) Display (List Box) - Difficult to view log of bottom line item in scrollable list
  • IBE-4118: Data Provider macro missing from Macro Builder
  • IBE-3732: ADMIN Service faulting

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