InfoBurst Platform Builds 130 and Older

Please see the attached zip file for build release notes for builds 130 and older.


Hey Leo. I see that you are still corresponding with Jeremy on ticket 5606. Please update the ticket with any feedback or progress. Thanks.

issue still not yet resolved

Hey Leo. I see that you have logged a ticket. We will work with you there to determine the root cause of this issue.

Infoburst build version is 127 FP 2, Do we have any solution for the below error,

Error ==> Error while generating parameters :: Source did not return any data ... Stack ==>  at InfoSol.InfoBurst.ProPublisher.oBurstDocument.GetParameterSets(Macro Ctx, DataTable dtBurst, Boolean TrimValues) in C:\InfoBurst\Source\IBE_Core\IBSYSLib\Objects\oBurstDocument_Functions.vb:line 1649  at InfoSol.InfoBurst.ProPublisher.RTS._Generate(oRTSCtx Ctx, oBurst Burst, Int32 BurstDocumentID) in C:\InfoBurst\Source\IBE_Core\IBSYSLib\Runtime\RTS_Generate.vb:line 218

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