InfoBurst Platform Build 231 Fix Pack 2

Release Date: January 17, 2017

Platform: 2016.10.231 FP2

User Interface:

Build Overview

SeeĀ InfoBurst Platform Build 231

Fixed Issues

  • IBE-4424: IB Mobile iOS app crashes when saving credentials
  • IBE-4428: Report name missing from BI 4.x document properties
  • IBE-4431: WinAuth - Clicking 'Login' after UI timeout does not work
  • IBE-4434: Web-based Command Shell does not work with SSL enabled
  • IBE-4435: SWF embedding fails with error 'parameterized query expects the parameter which was not supplied'
  • IBE-4438: Burst completes successfully with no REFRESH
  • IBE-4445: WinAuth does not work with SAP Dashboards add-on connectors
  • IBE-4447: Byte Order Mark (BOM) not removed for Excel CSV from Database Query

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